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The sound of silence describes our wide range of Overhead Door garage door openers.

Overhead Door garage door openers are powerful, quiet and durable. Our complete line of products can operate any size or weight garage door.

With our standard built-in safety features, we can ensure you that safety is our number one priority. In addition, with our wide selection of accessories, Overhead Door garage door openers offer convenience, reliability, maximum performance and customer satisfaction.

How do I select the best garage door opener for my home?

Garage Door Openers can be categorized into four different categories

  • Screw Drive (Destiny Series)
    • A screw drive garage door opener uses a steel drive screw that is a directly engaged to the motor. This type of drive system is maintenance free, requires no lubrication and provides the most power and speed available.
      • If you have a big or heavy heavy garage door, it is recommended to select a screw drive (Destiny 1500) garage door opener.
  • Belt Drive (Odyssey Series or Legacy Series)
    • A belt drive garage door opener features an extremely strong and durable Kevlar belt.  This type of drive system offers a smooth operation and is the most quiet option available.
    • If you have living area above your garage such as bedrooms, it is recommended to select a belt drive garage door opener.
      • If you open or close your garage door 2 or more times a day, the Odyssey Series is recommended.
      • For light or occasional usage, the Legacy series is recommended.
  • Chain Drive (Odyssey or Legacy Series)
    • A chain drive garage door opener features the traditional chain operation and provides value and reliable performance.
      • If you open or close your garage door 2 or more times a day, the Odyssey Series is recommended
      • For light or occasional usage, the Legacy Series is recommended.
  • Wall Mount (Lift Master 8500)
    • A wall mount garage door opener does not utlize the traditional rail assembly that is mounted up in the ceiling and features a quiet and clean installation.
      • If you have limited room in your garage or use the space above your garage door for storage, the wall mount garage door opener is recommended.

Residential Garage Door Openers 

Destiny Series

Destiny series garage door openers

The Destiny 1500 offers the ultimate in power,
reliability and fast operation.

This screw drive garage door opener includes a
1 1/4 hp motor, 3 speed settings, a lifetime motor
and screw drive warranty and includes the option
for a battery back up in the event of a power

Destiny1500 (1.25 hp Screw-Drive)  $450

Odyssey Series


The Odyssey 1000 garage door opener offers
performance and the ultimate in convenience.

This model opener is not only quiet but
offers a lifetime warranty on the 3/4 hp motor and
gear assembly. The option of a battery back up
offers the ultimate in convenience.

Odyssey 1000 (3/4 hp Belt-Drive)  $400

Odyssey 1000 (3/4 hp Chain-Drive)  $375

Legacy Series With Battery Back Up

O-RO-Legacy-920 (2).jpg

The Legacy 920HB garage door opener offers durabilty,
power and features an emergency battery back up.

This model garage door opener has a strong 24V DC 
motor and is the perfect option if you are interested in an
emergency battery battery up, The battery back up 
allows you to open and close the door in case of a power 
outage. Includes a 15 year motor warranty.

Legacy 920HB (Belt-Drive)  $425

Legacy 920HB (Chain-Drive)  $400


Legacy Series

Garage door openers – Legacy Series

The Legacy 850 garage door opener offers value
and reliability.

This model garage door opener features a 1/2 hp motor
and is popular with contractors and budget-conscious
homeowners. Complete with a 10 year motor warranty, 
this opener is perfect for light and occasional use of a
garage door.

Legacy 850 (1/2 hp Belt-Drive)  $370

Legacy 850 (1/2 hp Chain-Drive)  $345

All prices listed above include:

  • Complete Installation
  • Removal of the existing opener (if necessary)
  • One (1) remote control
  • Additional remote controls are $25 each
  • FREE keyless entry
  • General service and lubrication of your garage door
  • Assumes the existing garage door is 7 foot tall

 Elite Series Wall Mount

Wall mount garage door openers – Elite Series

The LM8500 wall mount garage door opener
allows you to maximize the space in your garage.

This sleek and attractive garage door opener is
mounted to the wall rather than the ceiling. The
LM8500 includes MyQ technology that allows you to
control the garage door with your smart phone
from anywhere in the world.

LiftMaster 8500  $590

Overhead Door Accessories

Door Report Remote Control

Garage door remote control – door report

Make sure your door is closed

Wireless Keypad

Garage door opener wireless keypad

Available in White, Almond,
Tan, and Gray

Advanced Wall Console

Garage door opener advanced wall console

Ultimate Performance

Emergency Battery Back-Up

Garage door battery backup – emergency battery back-up

Ultimate Reliability