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Overhead Door Company of Northern Kentucky strives to provide the best quality products and unsurpassed customer service.

Overhead Door has been named #1 in product quality by Home Builder Magazine and is considered the most recognized garage door brand in the industry.  With your local Overhead Door distributor, you can be sure you're receiving the best quality products and unsurpassed customer service.

Here's what your neighbors say about our garage door service and sales.

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Edgewood, KY 6/26/23 - Garage Door Opener Repair

I had a garage door opener repaired and I am VERY SATISFIED. If I have another repair job on my garage door, I will certainly call Overhead Door Company of Northern Kentucky. The repair was complicated and the technician would not stop unit it was fixed. The technician was very nice and friendly and had a nice smile. His determination, apparent expert training and knowledge made me very comfortable that he was doing the work. He even stood in the driveway and waited until I opened the garage door myself and was satisfied before he left. I am very appreciative and hope you commend the technician for a job very well done.

Union, KY 5/10/23 - Garage Door Repair

I am blown away by Overhead Door Company of Northern Kentucky. I had an after hours emergency so I called and asked if they provided after hour services and the customer service representative said yes and would call me right back. I received a call within 5-10 minutes later saying a technician would be calling me when he was on his way. In about another 5-10 minutes, the technician called and said he would be arriving in 15 minutes. The Technician arrived on time, was professional, was calming, reassuring and a pleasure to work with. He fixed my garage promptly and efficiently. We will definitely utilize Overhead Door Company of Northern Kentucky in the future.

Union, KY 2/15/23 - Garage Door Repair

I had my garage door serviced and a few months ago and the same problem occurred again. I called and a technician came out the same day. The technican made some minor adjustments, worked quickly, super friendly and knowledgeable and there was no charge. I sooo appreciate Overhead Door guaranteeing their work. Wonderful customer service! I'm highly satisfied and recommend Overhead Door Company of Northern Kentucky.

Florence, KY 2/3/23 - New Garage Door Opener

Thank you very much for servicing our garage door issue. Your technican was very professional in his work and also considerate of our concerns and questions. Taking time to explain how our new garage door keypad and garage door opener worked was extremely appreciated. He was an excellent representative of your company.

Villa Hills, KY 9/15/22 - New Garage Door Opener

This company is awesome. Explained everything from beginning to end. Installation was smooth, no issues, no mess. We would definitely recommend this company

Cincinnati, OH 2/23/22 - New Garage Door Opener

Edgewood, KY 6/27/22 - Garage Door Repair

Your repair technician was outstanding. He was quick to find the problem and repair it. Also he made sure that the system was operating properly. Overhead Door Company will be our go to company. Thank you

Cincinnati, OH 2/23/22 - New Garage Door Opener

I replaced my 26 year old garage door opener with an Overhead Door Odyssey 1000. I couldn't believe how quiet the garage door operates. Overhead Door Company of Northern Kentucky installed a new garage door a few years ago and replaced a broken spring last year. The waiting time for the installation of the new opener and service was minimal. The technicians were the best ever. Also, the customer service representatives in the office setting up my job were knowledgeable and helpful. There is no doubt should I every need repairs or replacements, Overhead Door Company of Northern Kentucky will be my choice.

Alexandria, KY 7/21/21 - New Garage Door

The technician was very through and explained everything after he finished the installation. He was great. So was the service and sales. Thank you Overhead Door.

Union, KY 5/21/21 - New Garage Door & Garage Door Opener

From our sales rep to the technicians, everything was perfect. We replaced our garage door opener in February and were told our door was in bad shape. It was cracked and dropping down when it was open. When the technician showed us, it was scary thinking the door could drop down on our car. I called on Saturday. Sales appointment was made for Monday and the door was installed on Thursday. I was shocked at the price. It was way under what I expected. Everyone was so professional and friendly. The door looks beautiful and by the way we went from a chain drive opener to a belt driven and it is so quiet. I've already told all my friend and sent pictures. Thank you so much!

Alexandria, KY 3/5/21 - New Garage Door Opener

I am a very satisfied customer. The work was done in a professional manner at a reasonable cost. Technician was exceptional. Also, the customer service representative that I communicated with on the phone a number of times, was courteous and very helpful.

Crescent Springs, KY 12/31/20 - Garage Door Repair

There was some damage to my garage door and I thought I would need a new door altogether. A technician came out to look at my door and 30 minutes later my door was functioning. The technician must be a genius. He was so nice and professional. I will always use Overhead Door Company of Northern Kentucky.

Loveland, OH 9/24/20 - New Garage Doors

We had Overhead Door Company of Northern Kentucky come today to replace our two garage doors. Our technician was wonderful. He arrived on time. The quality of his work and care he took installing them was amazing. The materials they use are high quality. They are super quiet. We got the insulated doors and I would highly recommend those. After finishing, the technician showed me how to lubricate the necessary parts and recommended doing it twice a year. I would highly recommend this company for new garage doors.

Independence, KY 9/22/20 - New Garage Door Opener

Last week I called another company out to look at my door. I was told that the springs the wrong size. After listening to his “sales” pitch and quoting me $1800.00 I decided to reach out to your company to verify the spring size because I didn’t believe him. Your technician was clean, professional, on time and very thorough with his review of my issue. He took the time to show me everything he was doing and why he was looking at it. As a woman I often feel that I am getting pushed around by companies because I don’t understand. I am usually very uncomfortable when people come into my home trying to fix something knowing I have no idea what I actually need to purchase/fix. But that wasn’t the case with your company, I felt that by pointing out and explaining what he was looking at and why built a level of trust and confidence that I didn’t have with the other company. Since I was so comfortable with your technician, I went ahead and purchased the Odyssey 1000 Model 7030 garage door opener. It turned out that the springs didn't need to be replaced and I saved $1325. Your technician absolutely sold me on OHD and I will use this company for all my future needs in my current/future homes and would unquestionably recommend this company to my friends and family.

Florence, KY 4/15/20 - Garage Door Repair

After getting a crazy-expensive quote to repair my garage door from a competitor, I reached out to friends to get recommendations and a overwhelming majority were in favor of me contacting Overhead Door of Northern Kentucky. The Customer Service Representative took my phone call and assured me they could handle the problem and meet my expectations. The technician arrived less than an hour later and put my mind at ease the moment he got out of his truck. He was incredibly friendly, knowledgeable and fast! My door was repaired in less than 45 minutes and works better than ever. Instead of paying $550 to the other guys it only cost me $140. Very pleased and thankful my friends recommended Overhead Door!

California, KY 4/5/20 - Garage Door Opener Replacement

Everything was done well. Very professional. The technician was a total professional and ended up helping us save some money. I appreciate everything he did for us. Thanks again.

Covedale, OH 12/27/19 - New Garage Door Opener

The technician was professional, polite and very informative about what I needed on my older style doors and opener (no pressure). He offered to do the installation the same day after checking his schedule. He was very helpful explaining the opener and was very polite with me too! He cleaned up and left no trace of a mess behind. What an outstanding and pleasant experience. Thank you for the AWESOME customer service! I can't say anything negative. I'm totally impressed and satisfied with my service and new opener. I'm glad I scheduled an appointment. Thank you.

me too! He cleaned up and left no trace of a mess behind. What an outstanding and pleasant experience. Thank you for the AWESOME customer service! I can't say anything negative. I'm totally impressed and satisfied with my service and new opener. I'm glad I scheduled an appointment. Thank you.


Wyoming, OH 11/4/19 - Broken Torsion Spring

Professional, fast, accommodating, friendly and helpful. Overhead Door Company of Northern Kentucky went above and beyond to get a service technician out to repair my garage door the same day. The technician explained some things he observed about our garage door opener and when I mentioned that I would love a new door and opener, he provided a free quote on the spot. I'm really pleased with the service that I received.

Erlanger, KY 10/25/19 - Garage Door Service

Excellent Service. The technician arrived promptly and assessed the service that was required. He was efficient, personable and honest. I'm extremely pleased with the service he provided.

Loveland, OH 8/9/19 - New Garage Door Opener

The technician was great. He set everything up and walked me through the steps of programming. I would recommend Overhead Door Company of Northern Kentucky to who ever wishes to have a new garage door opener installed

Florence, KY 8/1/19 - Broken Spring

The spring broke on my double sized garage door. The service was fast, friendly and efficient. Your service was excellent. The service man was very efficient and explained what broke and how he was going to fix it. I wasn't sure anyone could fix it today. I was very pleased they could come today and within an hour or two of my call. I was very impressed by Overhead Door Company of Northern Kentucky. I will be happy to use them the next time I need service or to make a purchase.

Cincinnati, OH 8/1/19 - Garage Door Repair

The technician was able to fix the problem. What an exceptional employee, he had the patience to explain everything to us on what was happening so that we as senior citizens understood it. In fact i think he went above and beyond servicing our door and making us happy that it worked. We will recommend Overhead Door Company of Northern Kentucky to others. The customer service representative was also very helpful to my husband when setting up the appointment. Thanks again for excellent service.

Edgewood, KY 6/7/19 - Programming Remote Controls

The technician replaced our keypad and programmed the garage door opener in our Mazda. The service we received was great. We had the car for months and could not get the opener programmed. The technician said "piece of cake" and for him it was!!

Mt Washington, OH 5/31/19 - Garage Door Cable

The technician fixed our door quickly plus provided service to the garage door and some excellent maintenance advice.

Maderia, OH 5/30/19 - Garage Door Opener Installation

Thank you to everyone who was able to help me. The technician explained to me that my garage door opener was very old and could not be repaired. He very carefully explained the pros and cons each type of new garage door opener available. I made my decision and he called the office to schedule the installation. An hour later my new garage door opener was installed. I was so surprised at the good service and I love my new garage door opener. Great job!!!

Cincinnati, OH 4/25/19 - Broken Garage Door

Your technician came out and replaced some hinges that had torn. He was prompt and fast working. In the process he showed me two other hinges that were tearing. I appreciated his professionalism and helpful tips. When I called Overhead door I was expecting to have to wait for a day or two.they were out in less than an hour. Thank you Overhead Door Company of Northern Kentucky for a job well done.

Mason, OH 4/24/19 - Garage Door Repair

I wanted to take time to compliment the service I received today from Overhead Door. The technician was on time, very efficient in his repair, professional, and didn't try to oversell me on things that I didn't need or ask for. I was extremely pleased with the visit and would recommend Overhead Door to anyone who asks based on my positive experience. I don't submit feedback that often but feel this one was deserving!

Ft Wright, KY 4/2/19 - Garage Door Service

Thank you for helping us on Saturday. The lady who called us back promptly was very helpful and responsive to our needs. The technician did the work effectively and was very polite. I'm very happy with our experience and will undoubtedly tell more people in the future.

Anderson, OH 4/1/19 - Broken Garage Door Spring

I called your company at 7:30 am to request service for a broken garage door spring. Your service technician arrived with 2 hours. He replaced both springs and got our door working great. Thank you for the wonderful service. I am very grateful.

Anderson Twp, OH 3/8/19 - Broken Garage Door Spring

I called your company at 7:30 am to request service for a broken garage door spring. Your service technician arrived within 2 hours. He replaced both springs and got our door working great. I'm writing to thank him and your company for your wonderful service. I am grateful. Thanks again.

Milford, OH 3/4/19 - Garage Door Opener Installation

This company provided a detailed quote. The young man who installed openers was prompt, efficient, and explained instruction in a manner easy to understand. Equipment has worked well

Mt Washington, OH 2/25/19 - New Garage Door Installation

I wanted to thank you personally. The Overhead Door installment team did an excellent job. The garage door is very beautiful. I know my neighbors will be asking where our garage door was purchased and I will definitely send them to you.

Erlanger, KY 2/11/19 - Garage Door Service

I'll always depend on Overhead Door when I need further assistance.

Villa Hills, KY 2/11/19 - Garage Door Service

Technician was very helpful

Milford, OH 2/11/19 - Garage Door Opener Repair & Spring Replacement

The sales person that came out to look at my door opener was honest and told me that I needed to have door re-balanced and new coils due to the other company installed 2 different coil sizes. I asked if he could install the opener and balance my door himself and they honored my request. He did an excellent job.

Edgewood, KY 1/30/19 - Garage Door Service

Excellent experience. Scheduling was prompt, the person who came to service was on time and very professional, explaining everything very well.

Cincinnati, OH 1/29/19 - Garage Door Service in Cold Weather

Your technician was amazing. He was very helpful and didn't complain about the cold one time.He was very thorough.

Hebron, KY 1/21/19 - Garage Door Installation

Amazing. These guys can do anything. The installers were polite and tidy and cleaned up after themselves. It was everything I expected, they went above and beyond to make things work smoothly.

Cincinnati, OH 1/18/19 - Garage Door Repair

The tech came over and fixed the door. He was great. I can tell he takes great pride in his work and he is a true asset to your company.

Alexandria, KY 12/20/18 - Garage Door Service Technician Knowledge

We are so pleased with your service technician. We couldn't have gotten a better tech. He knows doors inside and out and we were very impressed.

Alexandria, KY 12/20/18 - Garage Door Service Technician Knowledge

We are so pleased with your service technician. We couldn't have gotten a better tech. He knows doors inside and out and we were very impressed.

Burlington, KY 10/30/18 - Garage Door Opener Installation

It was very refreshing to have such a young professional do such a great job installing an operator for me.

Cincinnati, OH 10/11/18 - Garage Door Installation - New Construction

I wanted to drop you a line to say thank you. This has been a hectic coming up on 60 days and without people like you I simply would not have made it through it. You all have kept me positive and moving forward in your own special ways. I truly appreciate your help and am looking forward to a more organized and less hectic 2019. Thank you for all you are doing and have done to make this transition manageable when it otherwise was not.

Cincinnati, OH 10/1/18 - New Garage Door Installation

Extremely pleased with the sales person and men who installed everything. Timely, professional.

Cincinnati, OH 7/26/18

The technicians were wonderful and pleasant and knew what they were doing. The door runs quieter and smoother than before.

Mason, OH 6/6/18

Both of the people that I dealt with were very courteous and professional. The technician did a thorough job and explained what he was doing. My problem was solved in a timely manner. great job

Wilder, KY 5/24/18

I am sending this email to compliment the technician who installed 2 new door openers at my home on May 22, 2018. He communicated everything up front and showed me exactly what he was going to be doing. After the install, Jamie demonstrated all the features and helped set up the codes for our cars. he has a pleasant demeanor, professional approach, and confidence in his work. I made a few phone calls to other companies when I sought to get this work completed. I’m glad I called Overhead Door. The price was reasonable and the whole process was professional. Thank you.

Covington, KY 5/23/18

Superb. The technician answered my questions about what he was doing so I could learn to better care for the overhead door. He made adjustments that resolved problems of several years. He educated me about my door system. The gentleman who performed the service was excellent and I would highly recommend him to others.

Anderson, OH 2/6/18

Perfect. Timely, professional, friendly and informative. These servicemen were excellent representatives for your company.

New Richmond, OH 1/15/18

No complaints. It went very well!

Florence, Ky 12/20/17

Fantastic. The installer was on time and did a professional job. He was very considerate and friendly. We can always rely on Overhead Door to do the best work and we have always used your products and would highly recommend you!

Crestview Hills, Ky 10/18/17

This happened at a very inopportune time for me. Had to be somewhere at a specific time. The repairman came out in timely fashion and performed his job in an efficient and professional manner. I was able to be on time for an important appointment in spite of the inopportune timing for the garage door breaking. I appreciate your help. It is working fine now.

Loveland, OH 10/16/17

Great service. The technician was very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful.

Ft Mitchell, KY 10/13/17

The technician was outstanding - efficient - through - knowledgeable - and above all, professional

Crittenden, KY 10/11/17

Your service technician was excellent

Covington, KY 8/10/17

Your service man was very respectful and courteous. The price for the service was well worth it. Thank you.

Wilder, KY 8/10/17

Love my new opener. Installer did a great job.

Monfort Heights, OH 8/9/17

My technician was professional, knowledgeable and efficient.

Erlanger, KY 6/19/17

Perfect. On time and reasonable cost.

Ft. Mitchell, KY 6/19/17

Service was outstanding - prompt - thorough - professional!

Hebron, KY 5/11/17

Our garage door needed to be fixed and although this was the first time using Overhead Door, we ended up feeling like we were their best customer. There was no up selling, they simply provided professional, helpful, high quality service at a competitive price. It's nice to see a company get it right! Thank you.

Park Hills, KY 5/8/17

The technician was on time and completed the job in less time than originally anticipated. He installed a new garage door and replaced my old springs running along the sides of the rails with a single spring above the door. He made sure the door was creating a good seal (excellent) and adjusted the chain on my closer to function better. The end result was a great seal, a great looking door and a quieter closing function. The technician went over the work he did with me very thoroughly. I learned something! He explained that I got very good life out of my old door which made me feel good about the value I received. He also explained my closer was nearing the end of its usable life but that he had adjusted a few things to hopefully get some more use out of it. Very impressed with the knowledge and customer service from the technician.

Cincinnati, OH 4/2/17

Excellent! You were available when I needed you and the service was great.

Ft Thomas, KY 3/29/17

I was very impressed with your installers. They were very accomodating and just as excited for me as I was for myself :)

Florence, KY 1/11/17

Professional, on time, polite, explained and answered all questions. The technician arrived on time and explained job and when finished went over operation and maintenence. He has been to our house several times and each time he has has been excellent. He is an excellent employee. Thank you.

Burlington, KY 1/9/17

Everything was great. The sales rep was very nice and helpful with keeping cost down. He explained everything very well. The door was installed on one of the first really cold days this winter and the tech who installed the garage door didn't let it phase him. I had offered him coffee and to come inside to warm up at any time that he wanted but he politely declined. He did agreat job and I am happy to have a working door again.

Alexandria, KY 12/15/16

Excellent service and very impressed with the technician who did the work on my garage. Very pleased with the whole operation. I definitely will recommend Overhead Door to anyone who asks me for who to contact for their garage needs.

Burlington, KY 12/14/16

Fantastic job!

Union, KY 10/10/16


Bellevue, KY 9/13/16

The technician did a great job installing the door. Looks great, verified everything with me before installing accessories, garage door opens and closes great.

Erlanger, KY 9/7/16

I was very please with my experience fromt the first contact to the completion of the installation. All of the people I dealt with were very professional and pleasant. I would recommend Overhead Door to friends and family. Thank You.

Erlanger, KY 8/31/16

The technician who came to install my new garage door opener was very professional and friendly. He knew the right questions to ask and suggestions to make. My first experience with Overhead Door Company was in the year 2000 and I would never consider using anyone else. Their staff is very knowledgeable and helpful at all times. I highly recommend Overhead Door Company in Crescent Springs, KY.

Ft Mitchell, KY 8/1/16

I really LOVE OHD!!! Outstanding service, prices are great and the service tech’s have always been exceptional and extremely knowledgeable. They have always suggested ways I could save money and how to extend the life of the opener, or repair the door when I thought it was hopeless. I trust OHD!!!

Ft Mitchell, KY 8/1/16

I wanted to let you know that one of your tech’s, and I am at a loss for his name, was at my house yesterday to service my garage door. Because, since I moved back to this area, 18 years ago, I have always used Overhead Door and all of my family as well. The tech was wonderful, kind and courteous. The opener is too expensive to repair so I’m having a new one installed and they are calling my husband today to schedule the appointment.

Burlington, KY 6/30/16

Installed a new garage door opener and replaced the springs. The work was completed quickly and efficiently.

Anderson, OH 6/29/16

Thank you for being so prompt. We are perfectly satisfied with our door and our new opener. We have used you for years. You are the best.

West Chester, OH 6/1/16

The technician was on time, answered all my questions on what happened with the door spring and also consulted with me regarding the same questions on our other garage door. He completed the job quickly and without issue. Overall he provided excellent service. We will be calling Overhead Door next time we have any issue.

Independence, KY 5/31/16

Really good... great service, good timing, no problems, works as good as new. Really like the service person... Did a great job, explained what he was doing, did some minor service on my door opener too. I wouldn't hestitate to call you again.

Ft Wright, KY 5/17/16

Technician was prompt, courteous and even thoughtful in the repair work performed and in the manner in which he completed it. Extremely satisfied. I also appreciated the call from "headquarters" informing me when the technician would arrive.

Burlington, KY 5/17/16

I have to take a minute to talk about your installation staff. I could not be happier!!!!! Your installation crew was informative, courteous and very professional. He already made a great impression on Friday and then just confirmed it yesterday. As a member of the professional community with installers, I know how hard it is to get good reliable in field help. You have a good one there that provides fast excellent service. While his helper was new to me yesterday he seemed courteous and professional as well. As far as I am concerned, you are the only company to use. Thank you. I really appreciate you and your staff.

Hebron, KY 4/19/16

Excellent. Even adjusted the force (which had gotten high over time). Scheduled the appointment in the morning for the afternoon of that same day without an issue. Excellent.

Taylor Mill, KY 3/14/16

Wonderful experience. Thank you so much!

Erlanger, KY 3/13/16

Easy to order. Love the website to try different doors with our house. Prompt arrival for installation and all my questions were answered. Very pleased with our overall experience,

Ft Thomas, KY 3/8/16

Very friendly and helpful associates

Loveland, OH 3/1/16

The installers were extremely professional and polite.

Independence, KY 2/8/16

We were very pleased with the service from the beginning of the process until the end. Sales and install were on time as promised and product was as promised. We would definitely recommend to friends and family.

Loveland, OH 2/2/16

Great job! Very informative explaining all work completed!

Edgewood, KY 2/2/16

New door and opener installed as scheduled. Excellent and no down time. Two great workers. You can be proud to have them represent Overhead Door.

Burlington, KY 1/13/16

The technician did an excellent job and everything works great now. I like your online service request which allowed me to request service Thursday night. Your company responded quickly.

Florence, KY 1/13/16

Awesome job! Overall - very excited for the work to be done. The tech that did the waork was the same tech that had performed some repair work a few years before. I am glad to know you keep your employees. First, the installation work was completed the day that I actually called to inquire about the service. Secondly, the salesperson that set up the work was very clear on the different levels of openers you carried and installed. I have a 2 garage door house and will be calling this spring to get the other opener replaced with the same style as well.

Lakeside Park, KY 1/5/16

The technician who serviced us is an asset to your company! He did a fine install, was well as being very personable and professional as he was about his task!

Maineville, OH 1/4/16

Nice... Very polite and friendly tech. Always answers all questions and gives great advice.

Okeana, OH 11/29/15

My new Overhead Door opener is so quiet, it's great. The installer was professional and left no mess behind.Very easy project. So often I dread having to hire someone to do work at my house but working with Overhead Door was worry free. Thanks.

Alexandria, KY 11/12/15

The crew was great. They took the time to educate me on the new opener and doors. I was very satisfied with thte service. I will certainly recommend them to my friends and family, in addition to using them in the future.

Edgewood, KY 10/9/15

Service man was on time. Called before he came to alert me he was on the way. Was professional, clean and great personality. Will definitely call Overhead Door again for any needs I have.

Erlanger, KY 10/5/15

Excellent job. Quick and thorough. I really appreciate that you worked me despite the packed schedule. Thanks.

Hebron, KY 9/1/15

A+ performance

Villa Hills 8/31/15

The technician was amazing! Could not have more pleased with Overhead Door. Class organization!

Manchester, OH 8/21/15

Installed a new garage door. Very professional and neat. Did a great job.

Loveland, OH 8/17/15

Professional, personable, work was done quickly and garage door works beautifully now.

Florence, KY 8/7/15

Fantastic! Excellent customer service and very friendly and knowledgeable. He was in the military, quick and efficient.

Union, KY 8/5/15

The technician was excellent. He replaced a capacitor, electronic board, tested everything and set up all car controls to make system work.

Maderia, OH 8/3/15

The installers were efficient, courteous and professional. Very satisfied.

Hebron, KY 7/13/15

I am very pleased with the service provided. I would use Overhead Door again and would recommend them my friends and neighbors

Cincinnati, OH 6/28/15

Installed a new garage door opener. All was great. A great place to do business with.

Dayton, KY 6/8/15

Replaced garage door opener. The technician came when scheduled and performed work fine.

Ludlow, KY 6/8/15

The technician was very professional, very knowledgeable and efficient. I thought he was terrific!. He explained what he fixed.

Cincinnati, OH 5/29/15

Ordered online and received opener really fast. Set up was simple and fast

Alexandria, KY 5/13/15

Replaced springs, cables and pulleys on one of my doors. I will call again next time needed.

Cold Spring, KY 4/31/15

I had my springs replaced because one of them broke. The gentleman that replaced the springs was polite and done quickly. He even gave me suggestions about the condition of my current door.

Maineville, OH 4/9/15

Performance was good! Fixed roller that came off track and fixed spring that came loose

Florence, KY 4/7/15

Great service, on time and very professional.

Union, KY 4/6/15

Great job! New garage door openers and garage door adjustments

Ludlow, KY 3/25/15

Quick and informative.

Cincinnati, OH 3/12/15

Great!! They replaced two locks. It was my pleasure.

Butler, KY 2/16/15

Removed and installed a double garage door and opener. Very good. No problems or concerns.

Florence, KY 2/4/15

Prompt service. The technician called prior to coming. He explained the repair and was very professional. Also inspected the other door as well. Great technician. Great service!!

Cincinnati, OH 1/30/15

Excellent. The technician adjusted the door and opener - Its like new. He even gave me advise about maintenance. A great service visit.

Burlington, KY 1/11/15

We are very pleased with the service we were given and in addition your rep lubricated the moving parts of our garage door. We will use your company again when we need help with our garage door. In the next year or two we will be replacing our garage door.

Cincinnati, OH 1/10/15

Door works great! We are very pleased with your company and the installer.

Colerain, OH 1/6/15

I wanted to send a thank you to your company for the terrific job your two workers did on our garage doors. I appreciate how quickly you got them out here. I hope you have a great day.

Union, KY 11/20/14

The gentleman who maintained the service was courteous and did a great job.

Burlington, KY 11/13/14

Very nice repairman. Fixed the problem quickly and professionally.

Florence, KY 11/10/14

Outstanding! I didn't think the door was salvageable but the technician repaired and straightened the door.

Union, KY 11/1/14

Every process with the salesperson went smoothly and we are very pleased with the final results.

Cincinnati, OH 10/27/14

A+ service!

Loveland, OH 9/21/14

The garage door opener is working perfectly. Our installer was professional and knew his product.

Union, KY 8/30/14

Excellent. The service person was very knowledgeable.

Park Hills, KY 8/30/14

Great. On time, pleasant and professional

Mt. Lookout, OH 8/30/14

Called ahead, very quick and clean. Great service.

Cincinnati, OH 8/26/14

On time, no problem at all. Professional.

Burlington, KY 8/26/14

Your people did a great job from start to finish. Cleaned everything behind themselves. Explained everything about maintenance...

Cold Spring, KY 8/25/14

Overall excellent service - on time did the job in a timely manner.

Park Hills, KY 8/22/14

Clean friendly and professional

Hebron, KY 8/15/14

The technicians arrived on time, of course. They were extremely professional, describing each step of the process. They made sure everything was cleaned up and adjusted. I have been in this house since it was new (18 years) and have never had such quite operation. Absolutely love it!!!

Crescent Springs, KY 8/5/14

The technicians were excellent. Arrived on time, were very efficient and answered all my questions. Would recommend them for any job.

Loveland, OH 8/5/14

Everything was great! Service was prompt, friendly, informative and well done. Couldn't be happier (well, I guess if it it was free, I'd be happier)

Batavia, OH 8/1/14

Excellent job. Great price. Very friendly. Cleaned up and explained everything.

Cincinnati, OH 8/1/14

Did a very good job and worked efficiently.

Ft. Mitchell, KY 7/31/14

The technician was professsional, on time and left a very clean work space. Very pleased.

Cincinnati, OH 7/30/14

The best part about the service call was getting both cars programmed to open the doors. I very much appreciate the effort to get that done.

Ft Mitchell, KY 7/30/14

The technician was on time (actually he called with an earlier time to come which was great), professional, answered all my questions and even reprogrammed the other 2 openers for me.

Cincinnati, OH 7/29/14

The technician was on time, explained the procedure, advised on the approximate time allotted for the installation. Completed on time, gave instructions on operation of the system. Excellent! Very satisfied.

Florence, KY 7/29/14

Your crew did a great job!! Very happy with the product and the job that they did.

Independence, KY 7/23/14

Called ahead, on time, efficient, clean and courteous.

Ft Wright, KY 7/22/14

The technician was courteous, professional and on time.

Independence, KY 7/24/14

Both technicians were very professional and on time. I was the chatty one! I will always have them back. Everything was perfect. Thank you so much for great employees and company.

Florence, KY 7/24/14

Very polite - good handshake. Answered my questions.

Crestview Hills, KY 7/19/14

The technician arrived on time! Called before they arrived. Immediately started working. Was there a little over 2 hours. Explained how everything worked before he left. Took all the old hardware/door openers with him! Great service!!!

Bright, IN 7/18/14

Both technicians were professional and on time. I received a courtesy call that they would arrive in 30 minutes. EXCELLENT WORK and took the time to answer my questions and concerns. Thank you so much!

Morningview, KY 7/16/14

Excellent, works great. Great installer, very professional and knowledgeable. He modified the track so it would work in the limited space we had.

Cincinnati, OH 7/14/14

Very good! The installers were quiet and professional.

Florence, KY 7/14/14

The technician arrived when you said he would. You called ahead of time to allow me to get home. Your technician arrived prior to me and began to work on the issue as I had requested. He was very professional.

Cincinnati, OH 7/10/14

The technician was very nice and efficient. He also educated us on future needs and concerns.

Villa Hills, KY 6/30/14

The technician was on time and completed the work in a timely manner.

Cincinnati, OH 6/21/14

Great. Good service call for estimate and very well informed. Installation was also great and tech was very friendly and professional.

Edgewood, KY 6/21/14

The sales rep was great. He came out punctually to give an estimate. Very friendly and knowledgeable. The technician who installed the door was wonderful - punctual, detailed, cleaned up and friendly.

Union, KY 6/21/14

The technician was great and very personable and professional.

Hebron, KY 6/20/14

Was on time, prompt and friendly. Very detailed and explained all equipment, programmed vehicle as well. Appreciate the service, prompt. Thanks.

Florence, KY 6/19/14

What a real professional. He did not waste time. He went to work and did a great job.

Union, KY 6/14/14

The technician was personable, professional and did an outstanding job!

Evendale, OH 6/12/14

The technician was on time - very friendly and very professional. He did a great job!

Crestview Hills, KY 6/12/14

From start to finish a good experience. No complaints. The technician gave excellent service!

Alexandria, KY 6/11/14

The technician was on time and explained all the new features. Great worker - professional!

Park Hills, KY 6/10/14

Good from beginning to end

Hebron, KY 6/6/14

The technician showed up when scheduled. Went to work as soon as he was out of the truck. He performed quickly and efficiently but was not in a hurry. Did nice work and cleaned up before he left. Thanks!

Villa Hills, KY 6/2/14

Excellent - the technician was on time, was professional in conduct and workmanship, was knowledgeable in his work and a pleasure to have around.

Independence, KY 5/15/14

Very professional and exceptional. I am extremely pleased.

Cincinnati, OH 5/15/14

The salesman was a major help in helping with product selection. He is an excellent representative of your company. Install was great!!!

Florence, KY 5/14/14

The service technician was on time and did a professional job. He showed us all the new features on the new pad inside and out.

Union, KY 5/13/14

Perfect!. The installer was very helpful telling us all to know to help on the maintenance of the door and keypad.

Mason, OH 5/13/14

Love the way the door operates - its so quite. And it looks fantastic. Really pleased with the salesman and the man who installed the garage door and garage door opener.

Crescent Springs, KY 5/12/14

Excellent - received call when service man was on the way. When he arrived the work was performed quickly and as expected.

Crescent Springs, KY 5/10/14

Extremely well!. The technician was on time, helpful and efficient. Great job!

Highland Heights, KY 5/9/14

The technician got to the house early. Did a very excellent job. Explained the new opener and how to program the keyless entry. We are very satisfied.

Cincinnati, OH 5/8/14

The doors are great and the openers are quiet! The installer was very professional. He did a great job.

Cincinnati, OH 5/7/14

The repairman knew exactly what to do. It was a simple repair but I felt better if a professional did the job. The man had 35+ years experience. He was friendly and knowledgeable. A great experience. I will recommend to anyone who needs repair or a new install.

Villa Hills, KY 5/6/14

The installation of the garage door went very well. The installer did a great job.

Newport KY 4/28/14

I think the person who installed everything did a really good job. He was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. We would not hesitate to call your company in the future for anything garage door related. We are very satisfied with our new garage door opener.

Walton KY 4/23/14

It went VERY well! Our tech was very polite, professional and thoughtful. The quality of the product is outstanding and the service was excellent!

Mason, OH 4/22/14

Everything went well. Nice job!

Independence, KY 4/25/14

I would recommend your company. I'm buying a house that needs the door fixed and will be calling again.

West Chester, OH 4/21/14

Excellent! The technician was very professional and friendly.

Taylor Mill, KY 4/16/14

The technician arrived on time, did his job completely and efficiently - very professional!. Also very polite. He was very neat in his work.

Taylor Mill, KY 4/16/14

The installer arrived on early and was very professional.

Cold Spring, KY 4/15/14

Wonderful. Service tech was very polite and work done in a timely manner. Answered any questions and explained how system worked.

Cincinnati, OH 4/8/14

Installer was on time, courteous and professional. Excellent installation. Cleaned up and removed the old opener. He programmed the remote, key pad and car. Great job.

Harrison, OH 4/7/14

Went very well overall. Our technician even offered to reprogram an old opener in order to save us money so that we didn't need to buy a second remote.

Villa Hills 4/2/14

Everything was great - even programmed the car to the new openers for me!

Cincinnati 3/31/14

Excellent! Professional, personable technician fixed the door quickly and correctly. You installed my door. You service it and repair it for me. I will continue to be a regular customer.

Cincinnati, OH 3/28/14

The technician was on time. Worked efficiently. He was very professional in his work. He did a very good job and we were satisfied with the results.

Wilder, KY 3/28/14

The technician was very polite, on time and very informative about what he was doing from start to finish.

Anderson, OH 3/28/14

Installer was 1/2 hr late for the appointment but did call to let me know. His work was what we have come to expect from your company. Professional and perfect.

Cincinnati, OH 3/28/14

Notified us that he was running a little late and was stuck in traffic but was here almost on time. Very nice and did a great job.

Wilder, KY 3/26/14

From the initial call things were handled professional with phone contacts, price quotes and service. Was contacted the day of the installation on arrival time and service was prompt and efficient. Well done.

West Chester, OH 3/25/14

Our tech was on time and worked extremely hard for 6+ hours. He also programmed my car homelink.

Alexandria, KY 3/25/14

Great experience! Would recommend.

Taylor Mill, KY 3/25/14

The work was completely professional. Extremely satisfied with the work.

Villa Hills, KY 3/20/14

Everything was great. The installer was on time, courteous, and the work performed was excellent. He took the time to explain everything and even programmed my car.

Alexandria, KY 3/19/14

It went very well. Nice, reasonable, professional installer.

Florence, KY 3/18/14

Very easy. Guys did a great job.

Alexandria, KY 3/14/14

Very impressed by both the sales quote and the installation. Installer rep went above and beyond offering to fix my existing opener light

Ft Mitchell, KY 3/14/14

Great. The installer was wonderful and not only efficiently installed the replacement opener but helped get the car to work with the opener and our 2nd garage door opener to with both cars so both cars can open both garage doors.

Cold Spring, KY 3/14/14

The installer was very prompt, did a great job installing the 2 doors. The time allotment was right to the hour. Very pleased.

Foster, KY 3/14/14

Arrived on time. Worked quickly but efficiently.

Williamstown, KY 3/14/14

The installer did a good job.

Crestview Hills, KY 3/13/14

After the door was ordered, I was notified of the time frame till the door would arrive, We received a call to schedule the installation. Received a call the day before as a reminder. On the day of the install, the serviceman called when he was headed to my home. He arrived promptly and began work.

Ft Thomas, KY 3/11/14

Very good. No problems and done fast, explained everything to me when finished.

Cincinnati, OH 3/11/14

The technician called before arrival, was on time and completed the installation in the appropriate time. He was courteous and very informative. He completed the work in more than my expectations.

Lakeside Park, KY 3/5/14

Appointment was scheduled for 8:30am and the technician was early. He did an excellent job with the installation. He always kept the area clean. You could tell he took pride in his work.

Villa Hills, KY 3/5/14

Right on time - efficient - no problem

West Harrison, OH 3/4/14

It went very well. He was friendly and knowledgeable and did good work.

Ft. Wright, KY 3/4/14

The technician called to tell me he was on the way - installation of both doors took all day (as expected). He was courteous and helpful through out the entire installation process.

Cold Spring, KY 3/4/14

The technicians were very friendly on probably the coldest day of the winter.

Cincinnati, OH 3/3/14

Installer was knowledgeable, organized, explained everything and cleaned up. Did not bother me at all. I would recommend this company.

Taylor Mill, KY 2/28/14

The technician arrived on time, replaced the garage door opener and instructed me on the operation when finished.

Alexandria, KY 2/28/14

The installer arrived on time. Very pleasant and friendly. The installation was very neat and well done. Give him a pat on the back.

Union, KY 2/23/14

Quick response, courteous and efficient. I've been a customer for about 35 years. Happy.

Cleves, OH 2/23/14

The technician was pleasant, professional, clean and efficient. Couldn't recommend this company more highly.

Cheviot, OH 2/22/14

Perfect. On time, installed quickly and worked fine.

Erlanger, KY 2/18/14

The door is awesome and the installation tech was awesome.

Park Hills, KY 2/17/14

The technician called first, arrived on time, was very pleasant and installed the opener then instructed me on use. Overall, I was very happy.

Ft Thomas, KY 2/13/14

The estimate was quick and fair. The job was was done well. The technician called ahead and on time. He finished quickly. I like the door!

Erlanger, KY 2/11/14

The serviceman was prompt and very professional


The technician showed up on time. He answered all my questions to my satisfaction. He did the installation in a little less than 2 hours. We are very happy with our new garage door opener.

Maineville, OH 2/8/14

Great. The tech was friendly and very informative. I am now a steady customer. The garage door operates nicely and with less noise than before service. Very happy!

Cincinnati, OH 2/7/14

Great. The tech took about 1.5 hrs and when finished he explained everything in detail. The opener is even more quiet than I expected. Thanks.

Independence, KY 1/30/14

It went very well - The man told me what he was going to do and how to take care of it. I was very pleased.

Ft. Mitchell, KY 1/28/14

The installer was very professional.

Cold Spring, KY 1/24/14

Great job. We would definitely recommend your service to friends and family.

Ft Wright, KY 1/24/14

Your workers are thorough and very helpful and courteous.

Cincinnati, OH 1/24/14

Great, Great Service!The technician did a super job. Very nice and professional service person!

Maineville, OH 1/24/14

Installer did a great job on a very cold day.

Florence, KY 1/23/14

The technician was excellent - He arrived on time and did his job - We were very satisfied with the service.

Wilder, KY 1/22/14

You had replaced 2 springs and the service and product was top notch. Naturally when the opener broke we went with you and as always were very satisfied.

Erlanger, KY 1/20/14

Overall satisfied with repair. Also had a repair done at my house. The tech was very good. Very satisfied.

Erlanger, KY 1/17/14

The technician called to advise he was on his way and arrived soon thereafter, at the time that was advised, about 8:30am. He went directly to work and continued without interruption until he was almost finished. He had to advise me that due to an uneven floor, he must add material to bottom of the door to permit a better seal. I agreed that it was necessary and that it was OK to add which he did and completed aligning and adjusting the door. He explained maintenance and warranties. The completed door was perfectly installed and the color was an exact match to the previously installed siding.

Union, KY 1/17/14

The technician was wonderful. He got here on time and was so thorough and very easy to talk to and explained everything. I would recommend this company

Alexandria, KY 1/14/14

The technician gave us 2 phone calls and was on time. He did a fantastic job. We thank you and him for great service.

Independence, KY 1/13/14

Was on time and friendly. Did a great job installing the openers. Explained how openers worked in detail.

Alexandria, KY 1/11/14

Awesome, professional, great job!

Liberty Twp, OH 1/9/14

Very professional and friendly employees!!

Hebron, KY 1/6/14

The technician was on time, professional, knowledgeable, neat and clean and always does a perfect job!

Cincinnati, OH 1/6/14

Awesome! My garage door works much better than it has in quite a while.

Cincinnati, OH 1/2/14

Excellent. The technician took time to explain everything.

Union, KY 12/31/14

Service person called first thing in AM and said he was on the way - worked on the installation without stopping. He was polite, courteous and seemed to know what he was doing.

Edgewood, KY 12/30/13

Good experience. The installer did a great job, called before arrival, friendly, professional and explained things well, great clean up. And door working well too.

Erlanger, KY 12/30/13

Excellent door and the technician did a great job installing the door.

Montgomery, OH 12/28/13

Great from initial visit and then for the installation

Florence, KY 12/28/13

The gentleman who worked here was very professional and knowledgeable. He did a great job and explained everytthing I needed to know.

Hebron, KY 12/28/13

Everything went perfect

Crittenden, KY 12/27/13

Great! All I had to do is call. You came to me with samples and brochures and did all the measurements. After the order arrived, installation was quick and looks magnificent. Door is super quiet too.

Cincinnati, OH 12/26/13

The installer called to let us know he was on his way and arrived on time. His work was professional and the area was cleaned up after. A very pleasant and friendly gentleman.

Villa Hills, KY 12/23/13

Very prompt. Ordered a new garage door opener on Friday and it was installed on Monday

Park Hills, KY 12/23/13

Great overall experience. The technician was on time and explained everything in detail.

Florence, KY 12/20/13

Service went very well. The serviceman was on time, explained things very well. He was polite and I enjoyed talking to him. I would recommend the company anytime.

Cincinnati, OH 12/19/13

The garage door was bought for my Aunt. The ordering department, sales department and installers were great. It was timely as well. I would recommend.

Edgewood, KY 12/19/13

The serviceman was thorough and very professional

California, KY 12/18/13

Excellent product, excellent service. Installer was very professional.

Erlanger, KY 12/17/13

The technician did his business in a timely manner. He was a hard worker, nice and knowledgeable.

Edgewood, KY 12/13/13

The serviceman was on time with a slight delay due to being stuck behind an auto accident, but he called to explain why he was delayed. Excellent job.

Liberty Twp, OH 12/9/13

The technician was super! Very friendly, informative and approachable!

Edgewood, KY 12/14/13

The technician was on time, very knowledgeable and courteous.

Florence, KY 12/11/13

The technician did an outstanding job. Not only in installing the unit but explaining in detail all aspects and operating procedures as well as maintenance required.

Milford, OH 12/10/13

Everything was installed when scheduled and expected.

Bridgetown, OH 12/9/13

The serviceman was on time, courteous and very professional in explaining what he was going to do. He also walked me through all the operations and answered all my questions.

Burlington, KY 12/17/13

Excellent. Timely!

Hebron, KY 12/11/13

The technician was very polite and efficient

Melbourne, KY 12/4/13

Excellent - on time, friendly, no mess - works beautifully - quiet!

Taylor Mill, KY 12/5/13

All went well. The technician did a nice job. He cleaned up after himself. I am well satisfied. Thanks for the great service

Cincinnati, OH 12/5/13

The salesman was very helpful in helping us pick out the best door for our house and the best opener to meet our needs. The installers were very professional, offering information, going through the functioning of the doors and openers to insure we understood everything. Your company rocks. I have recommended you to my friends.

Alexandria, KY 11/22/13

The technician called before arriving! I let him do his job and when finished he explained in detail all operations. Very professional, great personality and friendly. Made a second round around the garage to make sure all was cleaned up. Great experience!

Cincinnati, OH 11/21/13

The technician did a terrific job!

West Chester, OH 11/16/13

Excellent service & installation. The technician called and identified what time he would arrive. Arrived on time. Very professional. Great overview of product and instructions.

Florence, KY 11/22/13

I just wanted to thank you for our new garage door. Everyone was great and I really appreciate it. You can be sure I will tell everyone I know to come to you!

Cincinnati, OH 11/19/13

Called for a new garage door opener installation. Appointment was scheduled in a timely manner. Great service, great job!

Anderson, OH 11/15/13

Easy to schedule, punctual service provider/installer. Installer was very cordial - professional, provided detailed review of the new system and answered all my questions. Looks great - no visible wires (exceeded my expectations)

Covington, KY 11/13/13

Very nice, efficient, helpful and quick!

Independence, KY 11/11/13

Great. The service man has been to my house before. He was very nice and professional.

Edgewood, KY 11/7/13

Good experience - very professional installer

Hebron, KY 11/5/13

The technician was on time, did the work in a timely manner and explained everything to me.

West Chester, OH 11/4/13

On time, reasonable price and finished before expected.

Hebron, KY 11/1/13

Your installer showed up on time and did a professional job.

Southgate, KY 10/29/13

The service technician called and arrived on time. Installation went well.

Villa Hills, KY 10/24/13


Cincinnati, OH 10/23/13

The installer was polite and courteous and accomplished the work quickly and efficiently. He asked where I wanted the internal and external opener controllers and installed them in the correct locations. I'm really enjoying my new garage door opener. It makes life so much easier

Ft. Wright, KY 10/23/13

The installer was on time, called first, got the job done promptly

Covington, KY 10/22/13

The two reps who did the work were fast (very important to me), through and courteous. The cost of the work and the new opener were extremely fair and well worth the services and products I received. I'll definitely call Overhead Door the next time I need service and have already recommended Overhead Door to others
Batavia, OH 10/8/13 Excellent is the best word to describe it. The 2 men who removed the old door and installed the new door were very professional. The door looks great! We are very pleased with the appearance and performance of the door and opener. We would definitely recommend Overhead Door to our family and friends. The quality of the product, service and professionalism can not be beat. Thank you very much. Burlington, KY 9/27/13 I just wanted to say what great service I had today. I called yesterday and the gentleman showed up today and had my door fixed in 30 minutes. He couldn't have been nicer. I'm glad I chose to go with your company. Burlington, KY 9/19/13 Excellent. Will use OHD-NKY again next year. Cincinnati, OH 9/17/13 Very pleased with the technician. Professional job. Thanks. California, KY 9/16/13 Did a great job. Effienent etc. Independence, KY 9/9/13 Just wanted to thank you for the quick service. Your tech did a GREAT job. He was very professional. Thanks again. NKY 8/20/13 Its nice to have people who know what they are doing! Villa Hills, KY 8/19/13 What a pleasure. Great information on products and needed repairs. Technician also did work on my other opener awhile ago. He is good, good. What a great company. Cincinnati, OH 8/16/13 Very Good. Installed in a timey manner and functions well Cincinnati, OH 8/16/13 Fantastic service. Prompt, knowledgeable and helpful. Ft. Mitchell, KY I would like to thank and compliment Jack who repaired my garage door unit. Jack was very friendly and helpful. Great representative for your company. Thanks. Walton, KY Was on time and very professional. Burlington, KY I want to thank you for the prompt and professional service. I called at 7:30am and had a technician by 10:00am the same day. Our primary vehicle was stuck inside the garage due to a broken spring on the garage door. Jack was very polite and completed the work fast! My 11yr old daughter even commented that he must be a pro. Great work. Independence, KY GREAT! On time, reasonably priced and let me get things done while he worked. Indian Hills, OH Jim followed through from diagnosis of problems straight to finish. Great service technician! Crescent Springs, KY Very Professional and courtious. Edgewood, KY Service ws excellent and on time. Aurora, IN Jason was very nice and competent. Hebron, KY Representative was on time, kind, courteous, professional, and very knowledgeable about products. Cincinnati, OH Excellent garage door opener. In and out quickly. Job was completed as expected. Alexandria, KY He showed up on time and installed garage door opener. He was polite and cleaned up afterwards. Cincinnati, OH Serviceman was on time, went straight to work, finished up and explained how to use the new opener. Good to go! Highland Heights, KY Jim was punctual even with the detour to the house. Professional - clean and really knew what he was doing. Union, KY Your technician Jack is the best! He was very professional and definitely knows what he is doing! He was prompt, and fixed my opener in no time! He also showed me how to do regular maintenance on my door! I have had other companies and never has anybody spent the few extra minutes to not only repair but also to teach routine maintenance! Great job! Erlanger, KY The installer was on time and experienced. He did an excellent job Burlington, KY All I can say is WOW!!!! I submitted a service call online this morning around 8am, Katie called me at 8:42am, and Richard was at my house by 9:30. That is unheard of these days when it comes to customer server. All I had was a broken spring on my 8' garage door, and Richard not only replaced the broken spring, but he also adjusted the cables so I had a clean closure and eliminated the rubbing on the cables that has been going on for 5yrs. He also lubricated all the hinges, and chain so now it runs very quiet. Richard was very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. He is truly an asset to your company. It is Customer Service like this, and people like Richard that will have me calling you guys again and again for all my garage door needs. And also recommending your services to all my friends and neighbors. Burlington, KY I LOVE the new garage doors. They look great and they work great. Thanks Cincinnati, OH VERY Pleased! Independence, KY Technician was very professional and nice! Ft. Wright, KY I want to thank you for responding so promptly regarding the door that was installed at my mother's home. Thanks to Richard, your technician, Mom was spared considerable expense - not to mention bother - in properly sealing her garage door. Seems everyone has time to complain but not to compliment. Customer service is the cornerstone of any reputable business and you've proven it important to yours. Erlanger, KY Richard was excellent Covington, KY Jack came out and was very good. Thank you Ft. Thomas, KY Very excellent service. Thanks Erlanger, KY To all Overhead Door Staff especially Edna, Thank you. I no longer am afraid of falling trying to open the garage door. It works perfect! I even have a light again. I had forgotten that it even had the capability. You really make a difference. Thanks again. Covington, KY Jim was both professional and courteous. Traits not often found these days. Thanks Cold Spring, KY Service and Serviceman was excellent - Hold on to Richard. He's very through and good. I highly recommend him Crescent Springs, KY Thank you! Cincinnati, OH Excellent experience! Ft. Mitchell, KY Edna was very helpful too Alexandria, KY Richard was great! Very courteous Crestview Hills, KY Great Service!! Cincinnati, OH You installed a garage door for us last week. We were so impressed with the technician and his work. His personality, attitude and work were satisfactory. We were much more than satisfied. Service like his are a rare thing anymore. We would highly recommend your service to anyone. Cincinnati, OH Service was exceptional on both occasions by each technician. Thanks Milford, OH Very impressed with service and would will refer others Burlington, KY Mr. Allen was great! Taylor Mill, KY Beautiful job. Cincinnati, OH Excellent Service; I love my door Newport, KY Excellent - That's why I chose you! I knew it would be. Cleves, OH Dave and Wayne - Thanks for all your help! Villa Hills, KY Richard was knowledgeable and efficient