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7 Most Common Garage Door Problems In Winter

Posted by Dave Willmes on Fri, Dec 01, 2023 @ 01:34 PM


During the winter, garage doors commonly experience problems. It is essential to keep your garage door in good condition, and the best way to achieve this is by performing regular maintenance. If you put off repairs too long, issues and more expensive fixes might occur.

Here are the frequent garage door problems to look out for during winter:

1. Contracted or Warped Metal Parts
Metal parts can contract or warp during cold weather, causing difficulties in indoor movement. Protect against this problem by using silicone sprays or white lithium grease. Avoid greasing the tracks to prevent further complications.

2. Solid or Hardened Track Lubricant Issues
In addition, the lubricant in your garage door tracks can harden during cold temperatures, causing it to gum up the works. Use oils rated for low temperatures to reduce the chances of this happening and remove excess grease in the tracks.

3. Stuck, Frozen Door Panels
During winter, moisture trapped between panels could freeze, causing the garage door to stick together obstructing its movement. Gradually melt the ice using a heat source, as overheating might damage some of the door's metal components.

4. Damaged or Worn Weather Stripping
When cracked, it can cause cold air to seep into the garage. Replacing and repairing the weather stripping can help form an airtight seal. You can create an energy-efficient garage with a functional weather strip and reduce the costs of your bills.

5. Garage Door Frozen to Ground
If snow and ice pile up at the base of your garage door, it could freeze to the ground, preventing it from opening correctly. Furthermore, cold air can filter inside if the entry does not contact the floor thoroughly.

6. Broken or Defective Door Springs
Broken or damaged springs are another common problem experienced during winter. Springs are responsible for counteracting gravity, giving weightlessness to the garage door. Cold weather can exacerbate springs' fragile ability, making the door feel heavy.

7. Condensation on Safety Sensors
Lastly, due to temperature changes during winter, condensation can build up on the doors' safety sensors, causing it to obstruct the door's path. Regular wiping off the sensors can eliminate this issue.

Taking proactive measures and performing regular maintenance keep garage door problems in winter at bay. Feel free to contact us at Overhead Door Company of Northern Kentucky to learn more about our products.

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