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7 Most Common Garage Door Problems In Winter

Posted by Dave Willmes on Fri, Dec 01, 2023 @ 01:34 PM

During the winter, garage doors commonly experience problems. It is essential to keep your garage door in good condition, and the best way to achieve this is by performing regular maintenance. If you put off repairs too long, issues and more expensive fixes might occur.

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Unveiling the Importance of Insulated Garage Doors

Posted by Dave Willmes on Tue, Nov 14, 2023 @ 08:14 PM

A garage is more than just a space to keep vehicles. It often serves as a storage area, workshop, or even an extension of living space. When designing a custom home, it's essential to consider the insulation of the garage doors. In this blog, we'll explore the importance and benefits of having a new insulated garage door.

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Essential Garage Door Maintenance Tips for the Fall Season

Posted by Dave Willmes on Wed, Oct 18, 2023 @ 11:28 AM

As the leaves alter color and the temperature drops, it signifies that fall is here. This season brings about a new set of challenges when it comes to home maintenance, and one often overlooked part of the house is the garage door. 

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Exploring the Pros and Cons of Insulated Overhead Doors

Posted by Dave Willmes on Mon, Sep 25, 2023 @ 10:37 AM

Are you considering upgrading or replacing your garage door? An insulated overhead door may be a great option to improve your garage's energy efficiency and temperature control. In this article, we will explore the benefits of choosing an insulated overhead door as well as potential drawbacks to consider before making your selection.

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Discover the Allure of Artisan Wood Grain™ Garage Doors

Posted by Dave Willmes on Wed, Aug 30, 2023 @ 01:42 PM

Are you looking for a garage door that enhances the curbside appeal of your home and provides adequate protection for your belongings? Look no further than the Artisan Wood Grain™ garage doors from the Overhead Door™ Thermacore Collection.

These garage doors are the perfect combination of style and functionality. Artisan Wood Grain™ garage doors, which are made of durable materials, are designed to withstand severe weather conditions and provide long-lasting protection for your vehicles and other belongings. This blog will explore the amazing features that set Artisan Wood Grain™ garage doors apart.

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4 Residential Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Posted by Dave Willmes on Thu, Jul 27, 2023 @ 12:22 PM

The functionality and security of your home greatly depend on the condition of your garage door. Regular upkeep can help extend its lifespan and prevent costly repairs. By following these four efficient tips for residential garage door maintenance, you can keep your door in optimal condition and ensure smooth operation.

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Introducing our New Artisan Wood Grain Finish Garage Doors

Posted by Dave Willmes on Tue, Jul 25, 2023 @ 09:42 AM

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Ways To Achieve an Energy-Efficient Garage

Posted by Dave Willmes on Fri, Jun 16, 2023 @ 10:24 AM

In today's world, energy efficiency is crucial for homeowners looking to reduce their carbon footprint and save on utility bills. While many focus on improving the energy efficiency of their homes, the garage is often overlooked.

However, you can transform your garage into an energy-efficient space with a few simple changes. In this blog, we will provide practical tips to make your garage more energy-efficient, helping you contribute to a greener environment and save money.

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Top 3 Advantages of Overhead Garage Doors

Posted by Dave Willmes on Mon, May 22, 2023 @ 12:29 PM

Garage doors play a crucial role in our daily lives, providing easy vehicle access and as an entry point to our homes. Among the various types of garage doors available, the overhead ones have gained immense popularity due to their numerous advantages. These modern marvels offer a range of benefits beyond aesthetics, making them a preferred choice for homeowners and businesses alike.

Whether you're considering a garage door upgrade or simply curious about its advantages, read this blog. Here, we will explore the pros of overhead garage doors and explain why they have become a go-to option for individuals seeking convenience, security, and functionality.

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Essential Tips for Enhancing Garage Door Security

Posted by Dave Willmes on Mon, May 22, 2023 @ 12:15 PM

Your garage door is a gateway to your home, providing convenience and protection for your vehicles and other valuable possessions. However, it's crucial to remember that these doors are also a potential entry point for burglars and intruders. Thus, it becomes paramount to prioritize the security of your garage door to safeguard your property effectively and enhance your overall safety.

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