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Overhead Door Legacy Remote Controls

Posted by Dave Willmes on Wed, Oct 28, 2015 @ 08:52 AM

Do you need an additional remote control for your Overhead Door Legacy garage door opener?

Did you lose your only remote control and need a new one?

How do you know what remote control to order?

How do I order a new remote control?

It can be very confusing because the remote control that you received with the Overhead Door Legacy garage door opener (like the one depicted below) has been discontinued and is no longer.

overhead door remote control part number 1702Overhead Door has discontinued the old style #1702 remote control.


What do you do?

First, lets simplify things...

The original Legacy opener came out with a static 390 mhz frequency radio receiver that utilizes 12 security dip switch settings. The model number of the Legacy openers are shown as 496 or 696. You will be able to locate 12 little switches inside an existing remote control or on the backside of the garage door opener motor. The remote control will look similar to the photo shown to the below.



Overhead Door 912 remote contro


This style of remote control is in the process of being discontinued and is being replaced by the Overhead Door Master Remote Control OM3t-BX (part #37345R). The Master Remote Control is compatible with several different models of Overhead Door garage door openers and does allow you to program the 12 dip switch settings that you find in the older model Legacy garage door openers


Overhead Door Master Remote Control  The Overhead Door Master Remote replaces the ODT90 remote control. 


To order a replacement Overhead Door Master Remote Control, click on the link listed below.

Master Remote Contol

The next series of Legacy openers came out with a rolling code technology called "Code Dodger" or CD for short. The first series of model numbers were listed as 496CD, 696CD, 496CD/A or 696CD/A.

The final series of Legacy openers were updated and continued to use the Code Dodger technology but were referenced as 496CD/B and 496CD/B.

There are many different styles and sizes of Code Dodger remote controls that are available. All of these remote controls will work with the Code Dodger Legacy garage door openers. In addition, the Master Remote Control (mentioned above) can be programmed to work with Code Dodger Legacy garage door opener.


Code Dodger Remote Control                  Code Dodger Remote Control               


However, if your Overhead Door Legacy garage door opener was manufactured between November 1995 and January 1997, the remote controls shown above may not work properly.

Again lets simplify things...

Regardless of which series of Code Dodger (CD) Legacy opener you have installed there is only one (1) remote controls that will work. This remote control is a standard (3) button remote control (part #37517R). 


Overhead Door remote control part number 37517R               Part Number 37517R


To order a replacement Code Dodger Legacy remote control, click on the link listed below.

Order Remote Control part #37517R

Please note:

When trying to program #37517R from the Code Dodger era of November 1995 to the end of 1997, only the button farthest to the right will program. 



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