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Overhead Door Wireless Keyless Entry (OWKP-BX) Now Discontinued

Posted by Dave Willmes on Fri, Sep 16, 2011 @ 04:24 PM

Overhead Door Corporation is discontinuing the legacy wireless keyless entry, model OWKP-BX (part #35282S).

It is being replaced by a newly designed wireless keyless entry, model OKP-BX (part#37225R).  The features of new keyless entry include:

  • Code Dodger 2 technology. It is also compatible with all Overhead Door Code Dodger 1 garage door openers
  • It can operate up to three Overhead Door Code Dodger garage door openers.
  • Auto-seek dual frequency technology automatically transmits in both 315 and 390 MHz to minimize possible frequency interference related to consumer electronics or nearby government bases (Code Dodger 2 openers operate on 315 or 390 MHz)
  • Temporary PIN codes to allow for one time special access needs.
  • Uses standard AAA batteries

The newly designed keyless entry also can be ordered in four different colors: White, Gray, Tan and Almond

The old style Overhead Door wireless keyless entry is still available while supplies last at www.OverheadDoorPartsOnline.com.

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You can also find replacement keyless entry covers and replacement battery covers for the old style keyless entries at www.OverheadDoorPartsOnline.com.

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The new keyless entry is also available to order at www.OverheadDoorPartsOnline.com. Parts numbers are listed below

OKP-BX part #37225R

Description             Model                 Part Number

Keypad                  OWK-BX              37225R

White Cover           OKPCW-BX           37227R

Gray Cover             OKPCG-BX           37227S

Tan Cover              OKPCT-BX           37227T

Almond Cover         OKPCA-BX            37227U

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