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Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Posted by Dave Willmes on Mon, Aug 17, 2020 @ 05:22 PM

Regularly maintaining your garage door can save you money while improving the overall functionality of your door. Simple maintenance tasks can be easily completed by homeowners! Major repairs and part replacement should be left to a professional garage door technician. The following tips will set you up for success and extend the life of your garage door.

        • O-RD-Thermacore-V5-gray-1Check the appearance of your garage door. If the door is made of wood, look for water damage or areas where the paint is peeling. Water damage will require immediate repair. If your garage door is steel, look for rust spots that need to be sanded, primed and painted. After any repairs are made, clean your door with the appropriate cleaner and allow the door to dry.
        • Apply lubricant to all moving parts. Lubricating the moving parts on your garage door greatly impacts the lifespan of your door. To help limit the stress on your door, keep rollers, hinges and the spring system well lubricated, but avoid the tracks. Be sure to use the proper lubricant and clean off any excess after you’re done. The best garage door lubricant should be lithium based to keep it operating smoothly and quietly.
        • Check the tracks for debris and rust. Using a damp cloth or a solvent metal cleaner, make sure your tracks are free of dirt and dust. This prevents premature failure of your rollers, springs and bearings.
        • Inspect your weatherstripping. You may need to replace or repair the weatherstripping around the bottom of your door and the garage opening. These strips help you save money and energy by keeping out the cold, water, dust and dirt. If your weatherstripping is damaged or torn we suggest having it replaced.O-RD-Installers-at-work3
        • Test your garage door safety features. All garage door openers have auto-reverse features to make sure you and your family stay safe. You can perform a series of tests to check the reaction of the door. Test the auto-reverse safety feature by placing a 2x4 board on the ground under the garage door. When the door comes down on the board it should reverse directions and open back up. For more detailed instructions on the reversal test, visit this post, “How to Test that your Garage Door Reverses Properly”.
        • Test the door balance. Making sure your garage door is balanced is crucial for the safety and lifespan of your door and opener. Regularly inspect the balance by pulling the release handle when the door is in a down position to put the garage door in manual mode. Push the door up until it is halfway open, if the door remains in place it is properly balanced. However, if the door starts to raise or drop it is improperly balanced and the springs may be starting to wear out. If you are not able to lift the door, you may have a broken spring. In both cases, contact Overhead Door Company of Northern Kentucky to schedule a service appointment.
        • Make sure hardware is tight. Due to the frequent use and vibrations that come with opening and closing your garage door, hardware can start to loosen over time. Check all track brackets and door fasteners to make sure the bolts are tight.
        • Inspect rollers, cables and door springs. Any damaged or cracked rollers need to be replaced and well lubricated. Damaged or worn springs and cables should also be replaced by a professional; the tension in the springs is dangerous and should never be adjusted by a homeowner.

Performing periodic at home inspections will save you money and help you spot any potential problems, extending the life of your garage door. You can also find more safety, security and maintenance information by checking out these tips from Overhead Door Company of Northern Kentucky™.

Schedule a maintenance inspection or service call online at OverheadDoorOnline.com or by giving us a call at 859-341-6646 or 513-347-3667.

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