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Exploring Different Types of Quality Garage Door Openers

Posted by Dave Willmes on Thu, Jun 13, 2024 @ 01:35 PM

Exploring Different Types of Quality Garage Door Openers

If you're tired of the hassle of manually lifting your garage door or you're upgrading from an outdated system, it's definitely time to get a new garage door opener. With so many options on the market today, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. But fear not! We're here to highlight the most common types of garage door openers to help you determine which suits your needs best.

  1. Chain Drive Openers:
    Chain drive openers are the most common and affordable garage door openers. They work by pulling or pushing the door along its track with a metallic chain. Also, this type is known for its strength and durability, making it suitable for heavy garage doors.

    When maintaining these door openers, it is advisable to ensure the chain stays clean by lubricating it regularly. This will help keep it running smoothly and avoid premature wear and tear.
  2. Belt Drive Openers:
    Belt drive openers function similarly to chain drive openers but use belts instead of chains to move the doors. They are preferred because they produce less noise than other types, hence suitable for homes where noise is a concern. While they are slightly more expensive up front, many homeowners find the quieter operation worth the investment.

  3. Screw Drive Openers:
    Screw drive openers utilize a threaded steel rod to raise and lower the garage door. They require less upkeep, as they have fewer moving parts. Additionally, this device balances cost and function well.

    Screw drive openers are often preferred when you have large and heavy garage doors. Although they tend to be more expensive than a chain and belt drive option, screw drive openers offer a superior warranty that makes it a good investment.

  4. Wall Mount Openers:
    Wall mount openers differ from typical systems because these devices are installed at the door's sides rather than on the ceiling. They utilize less overhead room, which is perfect for garages with tall or low ceilings obstructed by lights and ceiling fans, among other essentials. Also, they operate quietly and efficiently, making them popular for modern or older homes with limited space.

Choose The Right Garage Door Opener!
At the Overhead Door Company of Northern Kentucky, our garage door company can help you navigate the options available. This will ensure you find perfect and quality garage door openers. Give our experts a call today to learn more about our products.

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