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When should I have my garage door opener repaired vs replaced?

Posted by Dave Willmes on Wed, Mar 04, 2020 @ 08:30 AM

If your garage door isn’t working properly it may be time to repair or replace the garage door opener. Today’s garage doors are very convenient with automatic openers and ever evolving technology. They go beyond simple access to your garage space. Garage doors are often the main way homeowners come in and out of their homes and must work properly. A worn out or old garage door opener can cause complex issues with the operation of your garage door, potentially jeopardizing the safety of your family. Overhead Door Company of Northern Kentucky ™ is your expert when you need to discuss the best options available to you.

How do you know if your garage door opener needs to be replaced?O-RD-Courtyard-161B-white-Stock-1

  • Vibrating – A vibrating opener can be harmless but can also be a sign of aging. Older motors that are worn out will cause excess vibration potentially shaking the opener loose from its mount.
  • Unusual noises – Garage door opener motors get louder as they age and can often be a sign you need to replace it. Chain drive openers are noisy by design but any increase in noise volume means you may need to adjust or replace your opener. Overhead Door Company of Northern Kentucky ™ is here to talk about your options.
  • Reversing without command – If your garage door starts to close and then immediately reverses there may be an issue with the security sensors mounted at the bottom of your door. First check to make sure the garage door opening is clear of debris or even cobwebs. If the issue continues, call Overhead Door Company of Northern Kentucky ™ to schedule a time for a qualified technician to inspect your garage door.
  • Unresponsive opening – If your garage door isn’t opening or closing when you use the remote control or the wall mount push button, it could be signally the end of its life. First make sure the batteries in the remote controls don’t need to be replaced. If this simple solution doesn’t solve the problem your garage door opener will need to be serviced. Upon inspection of the opener, a qualified technician may recommend that the opener be replaced because of excessive repair costs or obsolete replacement parts.
  • Decrease in speed – Some signs indicating that you need a new garage door opener won’t be sudden. If you notice your garage door moving slower or hesitating when going up or down it is time to talk to a professional.

Replacing your garage door opener enables:


An aging or broken garage door opener can negatively impact the day-to-day life of you and your family. Repairing your current garage door opener may solve your problems short term. However, due to economical prices, enhanced safety features, improved technology and the overall importance of a properly operating garage door, it could be the best long-term investment to replace your garage door opener. Contact Overhead Door Company of Northern Kentucky ™ to talk about your options.

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